Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bed Bugs in 5 star hotel

Okay most of you know I travel alot for business and dance, currently I am in Ontario Canada at a 5 style hotel in town.. So my nightmare begins.......

I arrive in Ontario last Sunday to a luxurious suite in a 5 star hotel with hot tub in my room and all the perks. I am laying in bed around 3:00 am and I feel this intense itching on my arm. I go in the bathroom and notice a few bites on my arm not alarming just a mosquito I am thinking to myself. I take a couple of benedryl for the itching and awake the next morning to horror.

I look in the mirror and panic strikes. My face is totally swollen with green pus running out of my eyes, I have over 20 little bites all over my face mostly my eyes and about 30 on my arms and legs. I am totally freaking the fuck out.. I look at my bed and pillow and nothing is there. What in the hell has happened to me. What has bitten me in the middle of the night to cause this much damage. Did some flesh biting bacteria attack me, I am totally without understanding. I pull back the sheets on the bed and there right in front of my eyes on the seams of the mattress bed bugs.. FUCKING BED BUGS I SCREAM...I kill a couple of them and run down stairs to show the hotel management.

There are about 40 people checking into the hotel from the G8 and G20 summit here and they are just staring at me as my face is totally twisted up. The manager whom checked me in the night before is looking totally confused as I approach him. Ms. Hue what happened to you. I explain and show him the bed bugs.. He immediately pulls me aside from the guest and we talk...

He is totally sorry and apologetic as he explains how this has never happened in all his years as management and they will take care of everything. They move me to a new suite as I head to the doctors.

The first doctor gives me more benedryl and some cream and the next morning it it worse. The swelling is past control and I am suffering from a major headache. I go to another doctor that tells me I have a severe allergic reaction to the bites and my eyes are now infected due to feces from the bugs..... So now I have bug shit in my eyes... great now what ...

I go back to the hotel and explain what the doctors says, show them my prescriptions and say what are you going to do about all this. The next day their corporate manager flies from NY to meet me. They are absolutely sure I am going to sue them.

The doctor has given me 4 prescriptions. Steroids, antibiotics, eye ointment and yeast infection medication ( yes ladies, I am going to get a real bad case of it) all of this for damn bed bugs.

The hotel took care of my paying all my medical bills, staying for free for 23 days, including food and something for my pain and suffering.( I can;t disclose the location of the hotel)

What is the lesson behind this story, I live in Egypt where you might expect such thing but, not in the North America. When you check into any hotel, any hotel, pull back the sheets and look at the seams on the mattress if you notice any black or brown spots leave immediately. Take a look at my sick pictures...

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